How to Get to TomSawyer Rafting Base Site
Tomsawyer Adventure's Hozu River rafting base site is located in Kyoto Kameoka city with easy access from Kyoto station. It takes only 25 minutes from Kyoto station to JR Umahori station by JR Sanin Line. Our rafting base site is at 150 meters East of JR Umahori station. If you are coming by car, set your car navigation system to Tram Kameoka station. Our rafting base site is at 200m West of Tram Kameoka station.
Address: Kyoto Kameoka-shi Shino-cho Yamamoto Kutsube 9-1
By JR Railways
From Kyoto station to JR Umahori station it takes 25 minutes. It only stops “local” trains. (Please be careful, Ltd. Express or Express train will not stop!) From Umahori station please walk towards Tram Kameoka station for 4 minutes.
JR railways timetables
By Sagano Romantic Train (Tram Train)
If you are coming by tram train, please get off at the terminal Tram Kameoka station. From Tram Kameoka station please walk towards JR Umahori station for 3 minutes. Sagano Romantic Train requires ticket reservations, please check the schedule and reserve your seat prior to your arrival.
Sagano Romantic Tram Train