What to Bring

  Swimsuit (Hot weather)

On a hot day if you feel too hot to wear the wetsuit, you can wear your own T-shirt and shorts, or rash guard and surf pants with swimsuit.

  Undergarments (Cold weather)

You need to wear your undergarments underneath the wetsuit.


When you return to the rafting base after the tour, you will need a towel to wipe off your body.
(You will not take the towels with you during the tour)

  Old Tennis/Athletic Shoes or River Type Sandals with Straps

Since rafting is water activity, you will get wet, along with your shoes. Flip flops, loose-fitting sandals, "crocs" and bare feet are not permitted. Rental shoes are also available for 300 yen if you do not bring them.

  Straps for Eyeglasses (If You Wear Eyeglasses)

If you wear glasses or sunglasses, we suggest using straps to prevent them from falling.
If you do not have a strap, strings may also be used.

  Daily Disposable Contact Lenses (If You Wear Contact Lenses)

If you wear contact lenses, we suggest to use disposal ones.
If you do not have daily use contact lenses, wearing goggles may prevent from loosing your contact lenses.

  Sunblock (Optional)

Since rafting is an outdoor activity, you may want to bring sunblock to prevent sunburn.

  Nylon Shorts and Shirt (Optional)

Lightweight, fast drying shorts and shirt made with synthetic fibers are well-suited for water activities. They can also serve as sun protection. Synthetic fibers are better for thermal purposes compared to cotton.

    Your Excitement & Enough Time (Most Important!)

Please do not forget!
Please allow enough time for your rafting tour! :)